Mini GPS Tracker | Tracking Device | Real Time | Long Battery Life |  Strong Magnetic Built In | Weather Proof
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easy tracking on phone or computer
Mini GPS Tracker | Tracking Device | Real Time | Long Battery Life |  Strong Magnetic Built In | Weather Proof
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Mini GPS Tracker | Tracking Device | Real Time | Long Battery Life | Strong Magnetic Built In | Weather Proof

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Mini Real time GPS Tracker / Tracking Device | Waterproof W/ built in magnet

  • EASY TO USE - Place the tracker inside or outside of a vehicle, slip it in a purse or backpack, shipping box or almost any other asset. Fits in small pockets or places.
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY - Battery last an average of 7 days depending on driving habits and update interval and Tracker placement.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE FEATURES - Track in real time using your smart phone (free app), computer or tablet | Text & email alerts | Geo fencing | Vehicle Tracking | Location Reporting | Historical Playback | Accurate to within 8 feet
  • LOW COST TRACKER - No initial activation fee | Only 24.95 a month | No contracts | No cancellation fees | Unlimited data

This tracking device is the latest live data-streaming GPS Tracker from the SOTA Surveillance arsenal of small tracking devices.

This inexpensive GPS tracking device is an extremely compact tracker that is only about the size of a roll of scotch tape. It is completely waterproof and has a powerful magnet built in so there is no need to buy additional expensive accessories.

Can be magnetically attached to a vehicle for discreet placement

Multiple tracking plans are available depending on your needs. Tracking updates range from 3 seconds to 1 minute.

This amazing tracker is also proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA. and include everything that you need to be up and tracking quickly and easily.



SilverCloud Pay-As-You-Go | No Contracts | No initial  activation fee

Because real time GPS trackers contain a SIM card like a cellphone, to transmit location data to the server, there is a monthly fee depending on how often that you want the tracker to update it's location. Normally one minute updates are sufficient. Also, the more frequent the updates the faster the battery will drain on the GPS tracker

1 Minute Updates $24.95

30 Second Updates $34.95

10 Second Updates $39.95

5 Second Updates $44.95

3 second updates $49.95


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  • Do you ship and bill as SOTA Surveillance or more discreet?

    Hi, The return address on the label says SSW Company and the billing on the credit card says SOTA Surv.

    Hope this helps!

  • What do the coordinates look like when it comes to the computer and how do you tell if addresses are correct and time frames are in your time zone? Can you show a picture of how it comes out recorded on your computer? Thank you.

    Hi, Using the free app for your phone or the computer control panel the locations are shown on google maps and the address. You can also see a text version showing the address, how long it was there, drive time etc. You can also acces the coordinates if you need them for some reason.

    Hope this helps!

  • Why can't I see any pictures or your products?


    We have pictures of all of our products on all of the product pages. We have checked the website and it appears to be working properly. It may be a setting on your phone/computer/tablet.

    Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.


    Scott Young
    SOTA Surveillance

  • Will this track when offshore like 75 or 100 miles or more? Does it show latitude & longitude coordinates?


     It will show latitude and longitude and will track offshore.

  • How far away will this track location. Do you have to be nearby or can it track 100 miles away?


     With Real Time GPS trackers like this one, you can be anywhere in the world and track the device. These units use a combination of GPS satellites to aquire the location and cell towers to relay that information to a server so that it can be uploaded to a website. The website is where you will be tracking the unit on your account.

  • I just need it to find out where my husband goes, then I won’t need it anymore, so will I be able to cancel the $24.95 a month?


     With this real time GPS tracker, you can cancel your service at anytime without any sort of penalty.

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