Data Recovery Software USB Stick
Data Recovery Software USB Stick

Data Recovery Software USB Stick

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Paraben Consumers’ Data Recovery Stick is a plug and play Data Recovery Software tool for Windows operating systems. The DRS runs directly off the USB drive so there is no software installation needed, just plug in and press start and DRS will automatically begin recovering data. Used by many as a first port of call when data loss occurs. The low cost of this device versus a data recovery technician makes this solution a no brainer. Ideal tool to keep on hand when disaster strikes and you need to get accidentally deleted files recovered.

The DRS is also a great tool for examining work and home computers and keeping track of deleted data. Due to its unlimited use, users can continually monitor the content being deleted from computers and exercise due diligence continually in the workplace and at home. Many professionals and personal users use the DRS for more than just Accidental data recovery, here is a brief on other uses by a variety of users:

  • Parents – Monitoring children’s deleted Internet content will help you understand your child’s activity
  • Business owners – Keep track of deleted content deleted by employees.
  • Investigators – Perform quick fact-finding investigations by exploring deleted content which can lead to clues and evidence.
  • HR Professionals – Perform employee audits by monitoring employee deleted data activity.
  • IT Professionals – Maintain computers and help manage employee output by identifying situations of unauthorized use of computers in the workplace.
  • Law Enforcement – LE use the DRS to find valuable evidence which suspects think has been deleted.

Recover Deleted Data from the following File types below:

  • Photo Recovery
    • Image File types which can be Recovered:
  • MS Office Data Recovery
    • DOC (Word), DOCX (Word 2007), XLS (Excel), XLS (Excel 2007), PPT (PowerPoint), PUB (Publisher), VSD (Vision), MDB (Access Data Recovery)
  • Open office Data Recovery
    • For users who use Open office Applications we also provide Recovery solutions for the following file types:
    • Open Office Spreadsheet, Open Office Text, Open Office Presentation, Open Office Graphics & Open Office Database
  • Music & Video Data Recovery
    • MP3 (MPEG)
  • Other Data Recovery File types
    • PDF (Adobe), RTF (Rich Text Format), AutoCAD, Mindmanager, Brainstorm, Process Control, CHM (help file) and HTML (Web Page Recovery)


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